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Fix: If the addresses are different (look carefully for typos), then you have multiple accounts and your devices will not sync.

Follow these steps to link a computer and other devices to your Dropbox. If your files have not synced after restarting, move on to step 6.

Fix: Add the Dropbox cache folder to an ignore list on your security/antivirus software. Once synced, you should no longer see these warnings or quarantine messages.

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If you've verified that antivirus or security software is not interfering with your sync process, move on to step 13.

Fix: You can use Selective Sync to select only certain files to sync to your computer, but still have them on and on other computers.

Fix: You may be able to help Dropbox sync faster by adjusting your bandwidth settings.

I have updated the file of my website and in other browsers my newly updated website is showing up without doing anything to other browsers such as Safari but in firefox the old website is still showing up???

Do your files look different between your computer, tablet, phone, or dropbox.com? This step-by-step article will walk you through troubleshooting steps, and will solve the majority of syncing problems.

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