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At least you realize your doing it, but be careful it can be a strong addiction. An aunt used to do the same thing you do, my folks told her when you win put the original away, play with your winnings. Thinking about how hard I've worked to earn it usually keeps me from losing very much.

a helpful book: "the frugal gambler" by jean scott Oh wow.... Not sure if there is a book on the ones I am hooked on, but I will definately look. It's such a rush when you win and the lights and the sound effects and dollar signs pop up..I ofeten wonder if it's a good idea to cash out on one that just hit and play something else or just keep hoping this machine is "red hot".

As far as slots are concerned, play the ones closer to the entrance if you're looking for a better payback.

As simple as it may sound, casinos tend to set the payback percentage higher on those machines, because the casual person does not roam around a casino or head far into the back.

They will enter and hang around the front area of a casino.

They will pick a machine close to the front and toss in a couple dollars.

Watch the boss's bedroom 2006 online dating

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