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by  |  01-Jul-2016 15:22

He expected, due to his very real sacrifice and devotion, to be blessed by the Flames in this endeavor.But, he learned that the Flames, and those devoted to them, were evil.He had to confront the fact that his sacrifice to the rules was for naught.

In the midst of his suffering, he begins to find the truth.

While reading the book, I stopped many times, contemplating the many times we have discussed legalism on this blog.

It seems to me that we are far too willing to short sell grace in order to obtain a set of rules that will "prove" our devotion.

Just like Abramm, we like regulations so that we can check off all that we have done in order to substantiate that we are really Christians.

On my recent vacation, my husband forgot his Kindle and confiscated mine to read Killing Lincoln.

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