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The beauty of buying full price, I always thought, was that all the arranging and selection is practically done for you — by all those people that the store or brand pays to look pretty, try to sell you things, and put clothes on mannequins in semi-creative ways. Here are the specific sites and services I love: 1. When signing up for this automated personal (discount) shopper service, I selected the brands I like, the size I wear, and how often I wanted to receive email alerts.

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For nice clothes, one trick I used to think was so smart was going to Nordstrom Rack.

I bought a Michael Stars shirt (these normally start at $40 for a tank top, but are sparkly and fabulous) for $10.

That was back when I was an Ameri Corps volunteer making $800 a month and living off of food stamps.

$10, or three bakery scones as I like to think of it, was within my budget.

However, once I made my debut in the world of private enterprise, and let my inner efficiency expert out to play, I realized that I do NOT have time to go down to Nordstrom Rack and paw through massive, disorganized piles of ugly, out-of-fashion clothing in order to find that one buttercup-yellow Michael Stars tee.

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