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Me, my husband, and our boyfriend Recently, while I was at lunch with a friend, she asked me about intimacy. She did it in such a way that it was clear she wasn't really asking me, she was telling me what she thought about intimacy.

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"If you give 40 percent to Jon, then you only have 60 percent left for Alex, your husband, and I guess... And when she was pregnant a second time, she worried she would never love another child as much as she did her firstborn.

But then her daughter was born and she fell in love. She loved them both infinitely and separately and the love of one didn't jeopardize or diminish the love of the other.

When you are in a triad you get used to these questions, though.

" And Jon isn't legitimate is the not-so-subtle subtext.

We met on Scruff, a gay hookup app—his username was Spy in the Cab, a Bauhaus reference, that was a throwback to my youth. I was disappointed; I didn't want to go to dinner, I wanted to get straight to the fucking, but I conceded. After six months he was moving out of his mom's place in Huntington Beach and in with me.

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