The big bang theory 5x19 online dating

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He and Leonard and Raj laugh, then Sheldon says Howard’s right, he has a mind like a whip, he should be able to figure this out.

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Amy says something like, as much galactic fun Sheldon would have exploring imaginary planets, they already have plans to go to her aunt’s ninety-third birthday party.

Sheldon says she’d look silly wearing it without the rest of the costume. Sheldon says it’s okay, he’s already tried the model train store, and Radio Shack, they weren’t any help either, “this woman is impossible to shop for.” Over looking at some comics, Leonard tells the others that he’d make fun of Sheldon for having girl problems, but he still can’t believe that Sheldon has girl problems.

Sheldon joins them and says to mock all they want, it’s like his dad always said – Shelly, the women aren’t good for anything except a friggin’ pain in the bottom. Sheldon says he cleaned up the grammar and language, but essentially, yes.

Then Sheldon’s line was changed to saying he cleaned up the language and removed the yee-haw.

Howard tells Sheldon he’s a grown man, and shouldn’t go if he doesn’t want to, he should just tell Amy he wants to stay home and have a sleepover and play video games with his friends; Amy might even like it, women like a firm hand on the tiller.

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