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Sex and the City is embraced as a feminist Bible on screen.

And because the human appetite for watching women being idiots is insatiable, a sequel opens next week. It’s because the female characters all work, earn money and talk about sex a lot, in the way that daft teenage girls do.

There is Miranda the lawyer, Samantha the nymphomaniac and Charlotte the prig.

Holding them together is Carrie Bradshaw, a journalist and supposed Everywoman, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

But be warned, sister – Sex and the City is to feminism what sugar is to dental care.

She prances through Prada, stretching out her arms for what she thinks she wants. These women are the Four Shoe Women of the Apocalypse. Sex and the City is really an advert for the fashion industry, which would be fine, except it does not advertise itself as such.

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