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by  |  13-Mar-2015 19:47

I recently unintentionally gained a ton of readers from posting that one picture on I don’t have a light or anything special, so I’m experimenting with creative ways to use my room lighting as photo lighting.

Haruhi is 1 of the three figures based on this cover, the other two being Mikuru and Yuki. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to photograph a figure well, but gosh maybe it is impossible without proper lights.

I tried all sorts of funky methods including covering up my room lighting in certain places to try and get concentrated light, but the lighting is still too uniform. james’ review of yami got me all excited for her, and now yours has me on edge for haruhi (and sad i didn’t order the rest of the gang…

Maybe I need to cheat and use some digital editting😛. still not sure that’s another investment i want to make thou ^^;;)…

Anyway, I should run off to sleep, got work tomorrow! lights will definitely make or break your photo session ^^; or, if you don’t have proper lighting, a tripod will do wonders because it will allow you to use extremely long exposure times to compensate for the lighting. luckily both yami and haruhi are in the mail ^^ Haha, wow my pictures were good enough to make you want Haruhi?

That’s high praise from someone who takes great shots!

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