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They decided to maintain a good relationship and keep supporting each other after having dated for a long time". T-ara member Soyeon unleashes her chic appearance in her solo pictorial for bnt.

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See photos of Soyeon from bnt pictorial below: LABOUM continues their teasing streak by releasing two new individual teaser images for members ZN and Soyeon.

Following the same concept, ZN and Soyeon are also seen posing on the bed with a somewhat sorrowful atmosphere, showing a mature and mysterious image.

LABOUM will make their comeback with second single album 'Sugar Sugar' on March 27th.

LABOUM, a girl group formed by NH Media and Nega Network are debuting on 28th with single 'PETIT MACARON'.

This time it's Click B member, Oh Jong Hyuk and T-ara's Soyeon.

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