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Features like group chat and sharing location and status has also done wonders to this app. Developed by Viber Media, it is a proprietary cross platform messaging and voice over internet protocol designed for Black Berry, Windows, Mac, Android, i OS, Symbian, BADA and recently launched its desktop version which syncs your contacts from your smartphone device and allows user to chat through desktop without using the smartphone.

It has 200 million users worldwide which works on both Wi Fi and 3G.

Initially launched for i Phone in December 2010 in competition to Skype, it immensely became popular over many platforms which had features like group chat service and calling which was limited to i Phone and and Android with the promise to make it possible on other OS as well.

The features include exchange of texts, pictures and video messaging with properly laid UI in form of access to messages, call logs, contact and keypad.

It is available in 30 languages like English, Arabic, French, Farsi, Italian, Spanish, German and many more.

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