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When the other man isn't around and you want him what do you do? One day you may want to watch you wife fucked by more then one guy. Your friends find out and they will want her, Maybe a cousin of yours will try and fuck her what will you do? If you like watching your woman orgasm, you would love watching her getting fucked. She does not do anal per my request and she does not do BJ' S to completion per my request.

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Yes, its normal,however, talking about it in your bedroom while having sex is delgthful and I suppose exciting. If we had known it was this good, we would have started YEARS before that.

Tell your wife to read this and if she needs further encouragement, I can send you pics.

By the way, my wiives lovers have been 5 men, but most of the time(500+) it was by 2 VERY WELL hung married black men.

Take care and have fun Are you really sure that's what you want?

I too would like to know if watching my wife enjoyed by other men is normal. My point is that any sexual agreement isn't binding.

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