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A significant number of UK singles aged over 40 are leaving London to seek love elsewhere, according to a new study.

New research released by mature dating site uk looks into the dating habits of senior singles in the UK, revealing some interesting insights into the best and worst areas to find love if you are 40 or over.

The figures, taken from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), indicate that out of the 6.4m people aged over 20 in London, 48% of them are single, and 1.6m of them leave the capital after they turn 40.

When looking at the reasons why such a large proportion of London’s mature singles leave, the dating site found the top reasons include high house prices, its “hookup culture” and intense work ethic, as well as the wish to find a relationship and start a family.

The results show that the South West is the most popular region for Londoners, with 28% of leavers moving there after turning 40.

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