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by  |  01-May-2015 20:34

Safe Sex campaign has made this hilarious music video recently.

The spot features slightly cranky testicles – Rusty and Vern. They perform a song and present a video, which depicts what happens to a guy, who forgets to bring a protection to his date.

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The Condoman suit, cartoons, poster and badge were crucial to the campaign’s success and are part of an educational resource developed for Indigenous communities.

Condoman is an iconic figure for sexual health and the prevention of HIV and AIDS within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

It utilises Indidgenous humour, the blue, white and green stripe on the arms of the costume reference the Torres Strait Island flag.

The use of comic style illustrations has also been used in effectively in broader safe sex campaigns like this ‘Condoms: power through protection’.

We’re up to 45 languages now, so we can reach 85 percent of the world’s population in their own language.

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