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‘If we are helping people become more attractive and giving them more things to talk about, it can only be a good thing. Unlike sites for beautiful people or people with high IQs, being interesting is something people can improve.

‘If people fail the test they get a message encouraging them to go and explore their interesting side.

It’s quite easy – expose yourself to different music, get out of your routine, don’t hang out in your usual areas, try an evening class or a new hobby.

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New dating website Loveflutter is creating a stir by banning boring people.

We take the initiation test to join the Quirky Interesting club. Now a novelty site is demanding its members pass a QI test. If you don’t score above 67 per cent you are officially a bore and won’t let you join. I know only too well that sinking feeling after a day spent buzzing with first-date anticipation, having treated myself to a blow dry and a leg wax, only to be greeted by a monosyllabic slouch who announces he’s an accountant and lives with his mum. The multi-choice questionnaire, which takes no longer than five minutes to complete, requires you to have a Facebook account to take part but you can set results to private so your friends will never know if you’re declared dull.

We’ve had dating websites to which only the beautiful can apply. Questions covered how many holidays I’ve been on this year, whether I’ve ever done a bungee jump (yep, I have) and how many people ‘liked’ my last Facebook status.

I am delighted to report that Loveflutter’s QI psychometrics gave me a resounding 90 out of a possible hundred. The site was established last month by Daigo Smith, an entrepreneur from east London. She asked me to list my life goals and biggest achievements to date.

Disgruntled by his own experiences on conventional dating sites, he set up Loveflutter to capture the flutter-in-your-tummy feeling of attraction. ‘One date set her alarm on her phone for 9.30pm so she could leave to get a train home. I found lots of people were good on paper, they ticked all the boxes, but in reality there was no magic about them.’ Smith and co-founder David Standen enlisted the help of chartered psychologist Dr Simon Moore to find out where to get that magic from.

Quirky dating websites

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