Pua online dating techniques

by  |  05-Mar-2015 11:23

Gambler (Richard La Ruina) made a name for himself quickly in the UK market as a dating coach and pick up artist thanks to his marketing and PR skills.

He has two books that have been published and helped build his reputation.

He also introduced the concepts of micro calibration and stealth attraction (under the radar techniques) when he released his stealth attraction system.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be good enough." “I used to be uncomfortable with my looks when I was young. So by working on guys fashion we make them look better and they look into the mirror and they go 'oh, it's really good'.” “When I imagine a super hero PUA, there is no way he is indirect!

” “Get over your inhibitions and approach as many sets as you can.

A guy that does 100 in a day will close more and learn more than someone that does not.” “If you are not an attractive man in general, fix that.

Work on fashion, body language, voice, extrovert qualities, social skills, building an interesting life, etc.

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