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The next version of 'HTML' is expected to be reformulated as an XML application, so that it will be based upon XML rather than upon SGML.

These working groups were designed to have close liaison relationships with the W3C's Extensible Style[sheet] Language (XSL) Working Group and Document Object Model (DOM) Working Group.

"Extensible Markup Language, abbreviated XML, describes a class of data objects called XML documents and partially describes the behavior of computer programs which process them.

XML is an application profile or restricted form of SGML, the Standard Generalized Markup Language.

By construction, XML documents are conforming SGML documents." "XML is primarily intended to meet the requirements of large-scale Web content providers for industry-specific markup, vendor-neutral data exchange, media-independent publishing, one-on-one marketing, workflow management in collaborative authoring environments, and the processing of Web documents by intelligent clients.

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Porra extensible online dating

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