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(That's just because we didn't want to have a massive week-long argument with ourselves trying to somehow compare Pico Pico Fighters to Broken Sword Director's Cut and rank them against each other.) And it's not that there are probably even more genres represented here than in the YS chart, on account of the touch-sensitive screen of the i Things making whole new kinds of play possible.

It's not even that all these games have arrived in barely two years of the App Store, a pace dizzyingly faster than that with which any other format has ever managed to accumulate so many quality games.

for android Escape-Titanic for android Riddles-with-answers for android Dolphins-Jigsaw-Puzzle for android Panpaka's-Underpants-Machine for android Block-Dude for android Jewels-Crusher-Classic-2014 for android Go-Bananas---Monkey-Fun-Game for android Shisenshoroid for android Van Puzzle for android Gem-Buster-(Lite) for android Flip!

for android Same Colors for android Word-Twist-Free for android Cute-Collapse for android i Blast-Moki-2-Demo for android Alice-in-Wonderland-Puzzle for android Amazing-Shopping-Ch22-Lite for android Where's-My-Water--2 for android Peek-a-Who for android Alice-in-Wonderland-Puzzle for android SUDOKU-Puzzle-GAME for android Escape-Through-Back-Door for android Christmas-Holiday-Match for android Jewels-World---Rune-Legend for android 2048-plus---Challenge-Edition for android ABC-Solitaire-Free for android Charades-Party-Movies-Jobs for android a Mathing for android Leonetta-y-Amigos-Juego-Puzzle for android Jungle-Cubes for android Paper-Soccer for android Tebak-Lagu-Terbaru for android Death-Star for android Vocabulary-Trainer-(IT-EN)-Beg for android Kviz!

If there's one thing we all love here at Wo Sland, it's a good old-fashioned All-Time Top 100.

And from a critic's standpoint, we've long thought the gold standard was the 1991 Your Sinclair chart for the ZX Spectrum.

Not for its writing, or even (so much) the games themselves, but because the list showcased an incredible breadth of game , such as we never thought we'd see again in mainstream commercial gaming. Now, for the first time in 20 years, it's once again possible to create a legitimate one-format Top 100 in which there are barely any two games in the same genre.

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