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"I realized that our online selves would never reach their full potential until we could eliminate this doubt and replace it with trust by verifying the identity of the person on the other end of the browser or email." Security and Trust » mii Card's top priority is the security and trust in the Online Identity Services we provide - for the individuals who prove their identities using mii Card and those who rely on these trusted verifications."A product like mii Card has the potential to become a ubiquitous global technology, much as Paypal has become an accepted utility for paying bills." - Microsoft Meet our Partners » Find out more on our blog or as a developer mii Card is a free service that puts you in control of your identity, taking the trust you already have with your online bank and the protection of strong authentication, to help you do everything from shopping, to proving your social accounts, trading on e Bay and even buying a house - entirely online.

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Best of all there is only one password to remember.

Having a single trusted identity and your personal data in one place lets you quickly sign up to services, login to your sites or share your verified mii Card with others online.

Your verified by mii Card page makes it easy to create trust online.

Simply choose what information you want to show and start sharing.

We have some great tools help you add your digital card to your blog or email signature and link to your mii Card from your favorite social accounts.

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