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It hurts like a motherfucker that no one has ever seen me as a boyfriend. As I got older, it presented a huge handicap with women.

I’ve seen women I liked sleep with my friends behind my back. You can get caught up in envy and hit by depression. ” is a question I’ve pondered for way too many years. From there, I spun off another series called “Twisted Tales for Teens,” which is pretty much “South Park” with teen girls. I have now written and directed five Web series with an all-female cast. But as I went on this creative journey I found my most trusted collaborators were women. And the actors I enjoyed most writing for were women.

If you’re a virgin and you’re reading this — especially if you’re under 25 — don’t let it get you down. Here I am, with every reason in the world to be a misogynist slob, and I spend most of my time creating and working with some of the most talented, smartest and bravest women I have ever met.

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Over the years many a centenarian has delivered their secret for a long life.

Not smoking, daily exercise, moderate drinking, being married (and sometimes not being married) have all had their champions.

But, at the ripe old age of 105, Clara Meadmore could trump the lot: a life of celibacy.

Miss Meadmore says she has always been too busy for relationships and thought of physical intimacy as a 'hassle'.

I was never waiting for marriage or “the right one.” Mine is a case of bad luck. Not only have I never had sex, but I’ve never had a girlfriend. But I wish I could’ve told that guy life without sex is only as torturous as you want it to be. The next day she told me to fuck off and never talk to her again in front of the entire school. They’d rather risk it with a stranger than try me out. In a social media age, when all your friends are posting 24/7 about how “wonderful” their relationships are, it’s hard to face being alone, or being on a different timeline than everyone else. Three years ago, I started a Web series called “Ray Gootz’s Roommates.” It was about three women living together.

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