Max nordau degeneration online dating

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In Dracula (1897), Mina Harker declares that “The Count is a criminal and of criminal type.

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The link signifies the Count's inherent degeneration as it marks out his innate criminality.

Mina's reference to Max Nordau, whose Degeneration was first published in 1892 (carrying a dedication to Lombroso), compounds the Count's degeneracy by aligning him with an amoral foppishness (the Count as dissolute aristocrat) that Nordau regarded as a troubling characteristic of the fin de siècle (see fin-de-siècle gothic ).

Theories of degeneracy thus shape Stoker's novel in particular, but they also provide a more general context that underpins the fin-de-siècle Gothic's engagement with disease, the body, race, and decadence.

In order to appreciate this it is important to consider how theories of degeneration elaborated a language of “otherness” that the Gothic could conceptually import within the form's ideological construction of the abnormal.

Contemporary scholarship separates the idea of the nation from the biological concept of “race.” This line of reasoning, so popular in the literature on nationalism, anti-Semitism and Nazism, was explicated by such influential authors as Ernst Nolte, who argued that race doctrine was “an extreme manifestation which, despite some points of contact, stood outside the highly differentiated main strand of European thinking.”[1] But such a precise demarcation cannot be made.

Max nordau degeneration online dating

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