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The singer hates men who goes from one "long leg" to another to be in the news and gain people's attention. "I hate people who go out with friend's friends or take friend's husband.

If you're with me, you should respect me and not lay eye on anyone else." When asked about her marriage, Y Phung said they're divorced.

"Maybe I'm not the family type of woman, because I'm always going out." She explained that as an entertainer she doesn't have the holidays off.

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Y Phung, 33 shared in a recent interview about her personal preferences in men, talked about her previous marriage of 7 years, and even addressed the rumor that she is a lesbian.

The singer openly stated that she cannot love poor men because of her big spending habits (sounds like Ngoc Trinh).

"Anyone would run away after taking care of me for two months." Y Phung said that she loves fun, money, has a big spending habit, doesn't love poor men, and refuses to give up her career to stay home and have kids.

However, she is also the kind of person who will get marry just to make her father happy. On her free time, she wakes up early morning to exercise for 3-4 hours and then go to work.

She plans to go to school to learn English and then learn about makeup.

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