Htaccess redirect dating sites

by  |  20-May-2016 19:25

You might not see this prior to that blackout, but it has useful applications for other things—essentially any time you want to do a redirect that has a specific schedule.If you are running your sites on an Apache server with the rewrite module, scheduling a temporary redirect to a maintenance page is pretty simple: Drop it in your .htaccess file, and you should be good to go.We’re talking server time, so your time will be based on what your server setting is.

If you know your server is running 3 hours slower than your timezone, adjust your times by 3 hours.

Then, figure out your date and time in the format .

I like to make it very clear to search engines that we’re on a new page and it is only temporary, so no caching should happen.

If a search engine hits my homepage and I’ve rewritten the URI, the search engine thinks that my maintenance content should be indexed, which I definitely do not want to happen. You want the redirect to be temporary (307) so that the search engines know to continue to request the original URI in the future, and not the maintenance page.

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