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Environmental news Still in the Sierra Espuña, the mountains are one of the most popular destinations in the Region of Murcia for mountain bike enthusiasts, but the popularity of this activity is having a detrimental effect on the environment in the sense that footpaths are being unintentionally widened.In some cases new paths are even being created by riders who choose to take short cuts where the established paths follow a zig-zag course, and in the face of this the regional government is determined to take action.

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The PP government of the Region of Murcia will undertake a forced ministerial reshuffle over the next few weeks, following the news on Tuesday that Francisco Bernabé, currently the minister for Development and Infrastructures, is to occupy second spot on the list of the party’s candidates in the Region for the national parliamentary election on 26 June, a move up to Madrid and into the arena of national politics.

This effectively mean that the “hot potato” of Corvera airport will now be placed in the hands of yet another minister for Development and Infrastructure in the regional government, and the outgoing minister has recommended that someone who has worked closely with him be offered the post so that time is not wasted “learning the ropes”.

Meanwhile, other prominent Murcia politicians past and present are gaining unwanted exposure for their alleged involvement in irregularities at the controversial desalination plant in Escombreras , with searches for evidence at the plant itself and in lawyers’ offices in Murcia on Tuesday being followed on Wednesday morning by the unannounced arrival of the Guardia Civil to search the Town Hall of Cartagena for relevant documentation.

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