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The country is in a precarious situation, and pressure is mounting on the Zanu PF led government following a series of protests from opposition groups, civil servants, vendors, and various civic movements.

Wednesday’s protests saw more than 200 youths from the opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvangirai, taking to the streets under the #My Zimbabwe campaign calling for the police to stop its violent crackdown on protesters.

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Several shops in central Harare were looted, a police car was burnt, and the state broadcaster ZBC had one of its vehicle torched during the violent protests.

Barely three weeks have passed since various groups engaged in another anti-government protest, marching against unemployment, police brutality, proposed introduction of Bond Notes, corruption and the perilous state of the economy.

Protesters were severely beaten by the police on their way to the parliament building, and several journalists covering the protests were also beaten by the police.

The violent crackdown on protesters by the police has been criticised by the opposition and civic organisations. In these “woke” times, historical figures with controversial views aren’t having an easy time in Africa.

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