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When Hubble observes space it’s actually looking deep into the past of the universe and GN-z11 could be one of the first galaxies ever formed or getting pretty close, according to the study."Our spectroscopic observations reveal the galaxy to be even farther away than we had originally thought, right at the distance limit of what Hubble can observe," said Gabriel Brammer, co-author of the study.Astronomers didn’t think they would be seeing this far until Hubble’s successor NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launches in 2018.This cosmic record isn’t likely to be beat until James Webb is in orbit, explained investigator Garth Illingworth of the University of California.

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The telescope beams hundreds of thousands of images back to Earth, shedding light on many of the great mysteries of astronomy.

In honor of the Hubble Telescope's 25th birthday here are some amazing images captured by Hubble since 1990. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center))“This new discovery shows that the Webb telescope will surely find many such young galaxies reaching back to when the first galaxies were forming,” said Illingworth.

With a little help from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope the team determined the newly discovered galaxy is smaller than the Milky Way and has only one percent of the stars as our galaxy, but GN-z11 is a fast star-forming galaxy making it bright enough for astronomers to find.

The distance to GN-z11 was measured by the color of the wavelengths received by Hubble.

This animation shows the location of galaxy GN-z11, which is the farthest galaxy ever seen.

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