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“My advice is – if you are buying jewellery, particularly something expensive, then always make sure you get a certificate and dated receipt – because that way if you go home and find you have been duped – you can ask to get your money back or else you can demand that the item be exchanged for the authentic product you wanted to buy in the first place.” The authentic Bohemian garnet is mined by a single Czech company – Český Turnov which says it sells its products to a restricted number of firms –and never stones in their crude form.

Garnets, one of the world’s most ancient gems, come in a dozen varieties - but none is more precious than the fiery-red Pyrope variety which has been mined in the mountains of Bohemia for over 600 years.

The Bohemian garnet, found in royal jewelry collections around the world, is given to visiting statesmen and every year thousands of tourists buy Bohemian garnet jewelry for someone special.

Now Czech trading standards inspectors have issued a warning that they may not be getting the real thing.

One of the souvenirs that the American First Lady Michelle Obama took home from her visit to Prague in 2009 was a Bohemian garnet brooch.

The piece that she received reflects a tradition dating back to the 13th century –perfect stones honed by the best stone-cutters and set by master jewellers.

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