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Not sure why, but today the voice on Google Now has changed from a male to a female.I'm in the UK and before I had a male with a British accent but now that's changed to an American female. I've tried changing the language setting but it didn't make any difference.I can live it, although I would prefer to have the male one back. EDIT: A while ago Google changed the voice to a female with a British accent and AFAIK there's no way to get the male British voice back.

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I think it sounds slightly different (more robotic than the Google Now male voice).

It's weird that it suddenly changed on Google Now but hopefully it's only temporary.

I've had the same issue and posted a question about it:…

However mine seemed to sort itself out after a while without me being entirely sure what caused it. :) The default Pico TTS engine on Android is only a female voice.

Guess I'll just have to wait then and see if it/he comes back. My friend (also in the UK) is also having this problem so I assumed it was something Google did. Your phone probably came with a second voice engine that has a male voice, and it sounds like the voice engine somehow got switched from that to Pico.

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