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Photo: TE0ODespite the fact that Pashmina is expensive, it is one of the most preferred gift items from India.

Prepared in Kashmir region of Jammu & Kashmir state, Pashmina is called ‘Soft Cold’ in the local language.

Made from the wool of three kinds of Pashmina goats, the items are made of fine handspun fibre.

It is the Pashmina Shawl that makes an ideal present from India; these lovely wraps can be a perfect way to tell a loved one that you are always around and embracing them.

Photo: Flickr This is just what you need to take home from India to remember a culturally rich country.

Traditionally worn by the people of Himachal, the cap with colourful bands on its front fold is a signature of the state.

Made of wool, this cap does not even cover ears but still manages to keep the cold away.

Shopping is an art and it is best developed in countries as diverse as India.

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