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George Sturt, writing in 1919 details the food eaten by his farming family in Farnborough when he was a child (probably around 1830): During the winter they had chance to weary of almost every form and kind of pig-meat: hog's puddings, gammons, chitterlings, souse, salted spareribs -they knew all the varieties and welcomes any change.

Mutton they almost never tasted:but sometimes they had a calf's head; sometimes even, though less often, a joint of veal.

Chitterlings are rarely eaten in the UK in the present day.

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In several countries such as Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, lamb intestines are widely used.

In Turkish cuisine, the intestines are often chopped and cooked with oregano, peppers, and other spices. The dish consists of sheep's small intestines, spleen, and pancreas, fried in their own fat in such a manner that they form small spirals. Few establishments today serve gallinejas, as this is considered to be more of a speciality than a common dish. Zarajo: A traditional dish from Cuenca is zarajo, braided sheep's intestines rolled on a vine branch and usually broiled, but also sometimes fried, and sometimes smoked, usually served hot as an appetizer or tapa.

A similar dish from La Rioja is embuchados, and from the province of Aragon, madejas, all made with sheep's intestines and served as tapas. They are made of pig's small intestines, boiled in bouillon, then grilled on a fire of grapevine cane. Andouillette is a type of sausage, found especially in Troyes, which is made predominantly of pig chitterlings.

Andouille is another kind of French chitterlings sausage found especially in Brittany and Normandy.

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