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First launched online in February 2002, Nothing Nice To Say follows roommates Blake and Fletcher, while living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as they make fun of punk rock, punk rock fans, and just about everything relating to the punk subculture, including themselves.Although it follows the de facto 3-panel webcomic setup of two roommates with one being slightly off-the-wall, it is unique in placing them in a punk setting.During much of the comic's existence, Mitch used the space under the comic as his blog.

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Clem's blogs began to show that he was likely suffering bouts of depression.

Because of this he was mocked on the comic's own discussion forum; the internet traffic for which had rapidly outgrown the traffic for the comic strip.

This is allegedly one of the reasons that Mitch- somewhat unceremoniously – ended the comic in 2004.

At this time, Mitch told fans he would be collaborating on a strip called Joe and Monkey with fellow webcomic artist Zach Miller.

Tends to be the voice of reason of the two main characters.

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