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For the environmentally conscious soul in search of romance, the days of wearily scrolling through one-line Craigslist ads or clicking “not interested” on profile after profile of non-recycling, animal-indifferent and camping-resistant potential mates on are over.Several new (and old) eco-friendly dating websites have come to the rescue.

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Eco spiritual dating website

For anyone queasy about online dating, the sites offer tips and date ideas; most also have forums and chat rooms for those looking only for an online community.

Even if you don’t find a partner, you’ll be joining a similarly minded group of folks with connections to related organizations and causes. Reprint Policy You've listed all the major ones but there's one that I've come across that's relatively new but equally as effective if you're looking specifically for a partner who shares your passion for green issues.

Searching for romance on sites that cater to the masses can seem like a futile pursuit. It's called Eco Friendly Dating and it's at Actually - whether you're a man or a woman, straight or gay, and whatever your age - this site is where you should start if you are a green-minded, progressive, involved single looking for your counterpart.

It makes more sense to increase your chances of finding a quality relationship with someone who cares about the Earth by joining a site specifically tailored to eco-lovers like you. Additonal resources: Eco Romance: How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Valentine’s Day Eco Passion: A Green Seduction Guide Help the Earth, Spread the Word: Share this article with family and friends by clicking on the "Email This" or "Share This" links below right. The membership includes people with interests ranging from from art to zen, from alternative medicine to Howard Zinn.

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