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At the time, when she was twelve years old, she felt she couldn't speak out."It was really hard to say what happened" said Odalis, "and it made it worse." Two years ago, however, she felt that she could no longer keep her secret to herself. She got help there from trained sex crimes detectives, but said she felt uncomfortable.

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"We have all of them together under one roof," said Liz Roberts, chief program officer of Safe Horizon, " and the child only has to tell their story one time." Odalis specifically was sent to one of Safe Horizon's child advocacy centers.

As of late last month, there's one in every borough.

In fact, Help Me Howard Thompson cut the ribbon on the newest center, in the Bronx, at the end of February.

The work done at the child advocacy centers helps to stop abuse and, most important, helps survivors go forward, far.

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