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I don't know that it has enough going for it to last beyond that, as at some point he has to get out of therapy, but I hope they give it the opportunity to play itself out.

This season had a somewhat early increase in flu activity through November and December, with a peak in late December.

Influenza-like-illness rose quickly to well above the baseline of expected activity and remained elevated for 15 consecutive weeks, making this season slightly longer than average.

Additional information about flu activity during the 2012-2013 season can be found in 2012-2013 Flu Season Draws to a Close and in the MMWR article Influenza Activity — United States, 2012-13 Season, and Composition of the 2013-14 Influenza Vaccine.

While flu activity can vary across the country, influenza activity peaked nationally in late December, when 38.2% of respiratory specimens were influenza-positive and the peak percentage of outpatient visits for ILI was 6.1%.

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