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Sex Differences in Hadza Eating Frequency by Food Type.

Posted: Read this story » Roehampton academic provides new insight into evolutionary biology of toads Dr Simon Loader, from the Department of Life Sciences, and his team, compiled the largest ever genetic data set of toad species to investigate the theory of Ecological Opportunity in Africa.

C., Ensminger, J., Gurven, M., Gwako, E., Henrich, J., Henrich, N., Lesorogol, C., Mc Elreath, J., Tracer, D. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Science. New study shows Hammerhead Sharks swim sideways saving energy A new study in the Department of Life Sciences has discovered that great hammerhead sharks swim whilst rolled onto their side, a technique that is more efficient than traditional upright swimming.

A suburban Roman Catholic church employee claims he was fired from his position because he plans to marry his same sex partner.

Colin Collette says he's been on an emotional roller coaster since he got engaged last week, and fired this week.

He was let go as the director of worship at Holy Family Parish in Inverness.

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