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Coolia = Julie Wiskirchen Gee So = Gayle Soberg Jamonit = Traveling Jam Stine = Christine Horace La Moll = Molly Denver Kath = Kathleen Leser [Stine] Do they get tired of having to sit with people that they worked with 2 years ago? [Stine] Everybody drink whenever Dreamworks is thanked. [La Moll] Heinous [Gee So] How inappropriate for a 45 year-old.

Does this foreshadow a Dreamworks sweep for A Beautiful Mind? [Coolia] Charlie Sheen wins - good comeback for him.

[Coolia] Sarah Jessica Parker, we dont like the hair. but it's a very Korean style..Koreans cover up the top half. [Coolia] Sela Ward - how would you describe that dress?

[Jamonit] Kiefer looks tan - nice that he won though. [Gee So] Ben Affleck is replacing Harrison Ford in the Jack Ryan movies? [Kath] Will we be watching Tom Cruise accept that award in twenty years? [Stine] He's got an earring because he's got cool friends like Ed Bradley. [Kath] What good movies has HF been in besides Witness?

[Stine] Judy Davis.looks like she bought that dress at Casual Corner or Ann Taylor. [Coolia] Well, at least Ben can be secure in the knowledge that he's still a sexy beast in your eyes. [Coolia] Ireally dont like those Tom Clancy movies... I mark them as the start of Harrison's downward spiral. [Coolia] Mosquito Coast, Frantic [Kath] Oh, I guess if I were watching instead of typing I'd know. [Kath] Highest grossing film it's all about money, Ben.

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