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Apart from Brut original, the range has grown in recent years with new fragrances such as Oceans, Identity, Revolution, Instinct, Musk, and Passion.

Brut spray online dating

The star of the 1970s United Kingdom advertising campaign was boxer Henry Cooper who used the slogan "splash it all over".

Motor Cycle World Champion Barry Sheene, athlete David Hemery, show-jumper Harvey Smith and footballer Kevin Keegan also appeared in the campaigns.

In Germany the brand was endorsed in the 1970s by famous football player Franz Beckenbauer.

The footballer Paul Gascoigne also starred in an advertising campaign although he was later dropped amid domestic violence allegations made by his ex-wife.

When he acted out the role of James Bond, Roger Moore once used an aerosol version similar to this deodorant for self-defence in Live and Let Die by touching the ignited end of a cigar he was smoking to the aerosol spray and thus improvising a crude flamethrower, since the propellant chemicals are flammable.

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