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Eurosport UK Birmingham Mail - Scotsman - Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser all 20 news articles Here is the original &zs;𝔦&ref; Your Ad Here Making it through the long cross-country flight, Gerard Butler was spotted arriving at Miami International Airport on Friday evening (December 3).

Looking studly in a brown leather jacket, grey v-neck t-shirt and jeans, the Scottish actor eased his way through the terminal after flying in from LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

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Why would a guy want to date someone like me; (View this and tell YOUR BOY SIDE .

[x] you love hoodies [x] you love jeans [] dogs are b Gerard Depardieu who you all know from every French movie ever made, or any Hollywood movie that needs a French guy (and they can't get Jean Reno).

Well Gerard was on a plane this week just before take off, he really needed to pee, the seat belt sign was on the people there told him to wait ......

Gerard literally took matters into his own hands and pissed in the isles. Watch this: Though Haitian priest Father Gerard Jean-Juste died May 27, 2009, at age 62, in Miami from a stroke and breathing problems, he remains present to millions.

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