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This has been fixed with PAlib 070206 for devkit ARM r20 however not all projects have been updated for these new releases.

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NOTE: Since the release of Wood R4 and the lack of unofficial updates for DSTT firmware, this firmware is not highly recommended.

You can download the latest TTDS EXT, INFO, SAV files here.

The benefits of using the latest YSMenu include: - Better ROM compatibility (fixes most ARM7 problems) - Custom compatibility (fixes many games with anti-piracy) - Custom compatibility (creates 1 MB save files for games that need them, such as Pokémon Platinum) - Custom compatibility (dramatically increases ROM booting speed) - EZFlash 3-in-1 compatibility (enables the use of this popular slot-2 device without additional software).

(for the official version of YASU download here: YSM) It is a customized version of unofficial DSTT firmware and has much better ROM and cheat database compatibility than the official 1.18 firmware and the unofficial 1.2x firmware.

this firmware does on the R4 (except for on the Firmware YSM is the latest version of YSMenu for the R4DS.

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